In coming xivap version the weather has been modified if you can add this also somewhere in the docs….

there are now 3 supplementary weather parameters for the user and 1 for the CSL resolution see the table below those supplementary parameters are NOT generated by xivap itself, so have to be added manually. Fixedwindlayer= when this is set to 1, xivap uses the middle windlayer of the FSD and let xplane interpolate the windspeed/directions during climb/descent. If this is set to 0, xivap updates the middle windlayer , but the updates are during descent/climb depending sometimes far behind the actual plane’s altitude. Turbulance= with this parameter the uses can regulate the amount of turbulance coming from the FSD. Actually this is a xplane 10 problem, with standard value of 4 you might crash during climb or descent in a cloud. A value of 15 is better. MAXVISIBILITY=user can set the max visibility to max 100 KM. (was 40 km) There are more changes in the weather part, actually it has been upgraded from xplane 6 to xplane 10 RESOLUTION=set this to 8, gets the best performance of the CSL models. (other planes)

those lines has to be added in xivap.cfg, which can be found in xivap resources dir

X-IVAP – Wetter-Tweak