Quelle: simHeaven

The order and thus the priority in the ‘scenery_packs.ini’ (you find it in ‘custom scenery’ folder) from top to bottom should be as follows:

  1. own and custom airports
  2. original airports (Aerosoft …)
  3. regional sceneries (New Zealand Pro)
  4. w2xp sceneries (w2xp_Europe, w2xp_America…)
  5. add-ons, libraries (Europe Library, SeaTraffic,OpenSceneryX…)
  6. photo sceneries
  7. mesh files (HD Scenery Mesh v3)

Note that HD mesh files work only when there is no photo scenery active in this region, as photo sceneries have their own mesh, derived from standard x-plane dsf or from hd scenery mesh.

Szenerie-Reihenfolge in X-Plane